Seriously, who wouldn’t want to know how to leverage their talent to earn the best scholarship at the “RIGHT FIT” school and program? Only the one’s who think they know it all.

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2018 “New Year” Content Start Date: 5/22/18 (D1 conference tournament week start date)



What is Coach Grewe’s RecruitsIQ Online Training Academy?

* A video-based membership training program for the recruitable high school athlete competing in high performance situations. 

* An education-based platform designed to help recruitable athletes (aspiring college-bound players) know how the recruiting process works and the proper steps to take to leverage their talent and find the right “FIT” program. 



Our #1 focus is to help recruitable athletes GAIN PERFORMANCE EXPOSURE and be ready for their FUTURE at the college level. We do this by empowering athletes to build a CHAMPIONSHIP MINDSET, act as leaders, and know the essentials of the recruiting process.

Transitioning to college is more difficult than many young athletes and parents truly know. The freshman year is usually a make-or-break year for college athletes. We know … Coach Grewe recruited, coached and mentored college athletes for many years. And now, we are supporting young recruitable athletes with the truth. Our information, action plans and training are the proven “insider FACTS” (some call them SECRETS) from the D1 level. This information is typically guarded and used as the competitive edge in winning national championships. We are giving it to YOU because we believe in truth and transparency!

We believe all athletes, coaches, teams, and organizations can achieve their preferred-future and reach ELITE status, but only the ones who focus on performance excellence reach the top and stay there. The others fade!

In the quest to gain the competitive edge, we will help you dominate high performance moments and maximizing your potential. 

If you are a recruitable high school athlete, then here’s WHY you should join our network. 

  1. It’s only $9.97 a month and you can cancel at anytime. Yup, only 33¢ a day for you to get our “best value” option. 
  2. If you are serious about performing your best during competition and gaining exposure to college recruiters, then you need to know exactly what college recruiters are looking for.

These are examples of our training videos: If you like them, then sign up!

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Here’s What We Know From Coach Grewe’s Experience Coaching a National Championship Team:

BOOM! Yes, ask yourself this …”Where else can I get training and insights from a D1 National Champion Coach”

We have discovered through Coach Grewe’s personal experiences + hours of researching championship athletes and teams that …

  • Most athletes struggle to perform during games and typically fail during the game’s defining moments and consequently they let down their teammates. Most games between teams of equal status are lost – not won.
  • Why are so many leagues, conferences, and divisions full of a small number of elite and poor teams and the rest are all around .500?
  • Several athletes get passed up by college recruiters (many different reasons). Or, if they do get the college scholarship (because they have massive talent), they are unprepared for the rigors of playing at the D1 level.
  • Parents do NOT know 1) how they can best support/help their child improve as an athlete and perform better during competition, or 2) how the recruiting process truly works at every school (because coaches don’t all recruit the same way), AND consequently, they spend an absorbent amount of money trying to get their child exposed to college recruiters.
  • Coaches at the HS level are pulled in every direction and have very limited time to focus on providing each and every player the leadership training and recruiting advice they want. Coaches need the time to focus on performance strategy and skill development.

We have also found that most athletes ARE or BECOME … 

  • Overwhelmed with fear, pressure and anxiety, which increases the fear of failure, creates a loss of confidence, and further hinders performance.

And, that parents ARE …

  • Frustrated (some down-right angry) with their child’s performances, the rate of their development, how the recruiting process works, or the lack of exposure their child gets.

So Here’s What We Are Doing About It

We know how difficult it is to be considered an elite athlete, who dominates during competition, and plays at the collegiate or professional level. And so, we want to help you reach ELITE status. 

See, through coaching a collegiate baseball team to the pinnacle of the sport by winning a D1 National Championship, Coach Grewe learned the critical steps that athletes must take in order to earn the label “the nation’s best.” On top of that, he also has D1 Power5 Conference Head Coaching experience. He sat in that #1 chair. 

Coach Grewe is the only coach in NCAA history, while serving as the recruiting coordinator, to land the nation’s #1 ranked recruiting class, while also losing signed recruits (from that signing class) to over $10M in collective bonuses to professional sport organizations.

And now, he is on a mission to help an elite community of athletes by using data and technology platforms. His mission is to use his player development platforms to help athletes gain performance exposure, build value to college recruiters, and improve game day execution.

This RecruitsIQ Online Training Academy is built from a player development focus and supported by core principles in leadership, psychology, motivation, human performance and coaching. The platform produces a holistic approach to empower athletes to maximize potential and gain that competitive edge. A speciality focus is found in provide recruiting “truths” and facts about the process.

Ultimately, our video-based and mobile format aids in our distribution plan and supports an environment that helps high school athletes “on-the-go” understand and develop the critical skills that take their game to another level.   

So What’s Next … How To Sign Up.

GET IN … when we have open enrollments … Athletes and Parents can signup at anytime we have an open enrollment period. Click the button below and you will be guided through the registration process … signing up, getting a username and password.  

It is best to get in early … during an athletes sophomore or junior year. Then cancel at the end of your high school playing career. We have three years of training documents created (aka … Coach Grewe’s Player Development Platform) and we are adding new content all the time. Our membership platform is structured using a membership software, and organized to deliver the new training according to our systematic monthly outline.  

In the END … 

It is our goal that you will become a confident and explosive performer, who garners exposure to college recruiters, opponents, and fans. We want you to maximize your potential through the utilization of an elite mindset. We want you to accomplish your goals and live out your dreams. We want you to become character-focused leader who will impact society.

Because we all want to win and be winners. We know that our championship is won if you …

  • Develop a strong sense of purpose
  • Develop a foundation that enables failure to motivate you
  • Understand how to manage FEAR
  • Dominate the so-called high stress situations

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  • Recruiting GamePLAN Video: A monthly video that covers a recruiting “gamePLAN” for young high school athletes.
  • Recruiting Scout Cards (baseball): Starting in the sport of baseball, we provide scout cards for you to use in self-evaluation.
  • Recruiting email templates: Downloadable documents that recruits can use during every phase of the recruiting process.
  • Recruiting Essentials Guide: Coach Grewe’s step-by-step recruiting guide.
  • Player Development GamePLAN Video: A monthly video that focuses on skills that will help build a championship mindset.
  • Player Development Guide: Coach Grewe’s step-by-step player development guide.
  • Performance GamePLAN Video: A monthly video that focuses on skills that help athletes perform under pressure.
  • Leadership GamePLAN Video: A monthly video that focuses on a specific leadership topic and action plan that can be implemented to either prevent setbacks or overcome setbacks after they occur.
  • Leader Development Guide: Coach Grewe’s step-by-step leader development guide.
  • Other: Ex. Coaching Video Analysis – advanced film study.

Signup Process: Choose which level of commitment you have by picking the membership right for you. You will then be taken to a secure signup page, using a 3rd-party platform called SamCart. Fill out the payment information and choose the ideal email address to use as your username, then we automatically email you a secure password for your subscription / membership. Note: Do not share this with anyone because each membership only has two unique IP addresses associated with it. This means, you can only use two computers, iPhones, etc for accessing your membership content.

Billing Process: You will be re-billed every 30 days from the date at which you subscribe. You have no obligation and can cancel at any time. If you do cancel, you will immediately lose access to the membership site and your username and password will become invalid.

Membership Process: You can log in on the menu section on the left of our website home page. After logging in, you will be redirected to your membership dashboard. From there you will have access to view your monthly organized training tools.

BOOM … That’s all there is to it! Let’s do this!