How awesome is that … Doesn’t hold the trophy. Wins the championship but doesn’t take the trophy and immediately launch it above his head and proclaim to the world he is the reason WHY.

Because Augie got it … And the world will miss the man. RIP Augie.

Augie knew it was not about him. He knew that he never threw a pitch, hit a ball or fielded a batted ball.

The players did. Not the coach. The best coaches know how to empower and facilitate. How to lead their players to moments of success.

Augie knew this and that’s why he didn’t take the trophy after winning a national championship and immediate raise it to the heavens.

So for you young coaches … empower your players and let them enjoy the moment. Get off the top of the mountain and head back down to the valley.

And for you recruitable players, seek coaches and programs that will prioritize you, your experiences and your development and accomplishments.