The old saying about making a good first impression is especially true in the recruiting process. When you’re sending an email to a coach and making that very first contact, you want to get it right the first time. Here are some tips to help you get on the coach’s radar and lead him to following your progress.

Write A Compelling Subject Line

Sending an email with the subject line “Please ADD to Follow List” will work. You can also increase your chances with something descriptive that highlights a strong point. Coaches are busy and need something quick and interesting to grab their attention. Putting “6-3 Lefty With Good Grades” in the subject line will help. But your goal is to simply get on their follow list.

Making Your Pitch

Don’t be shy.  Put your best foot forward. Be sure to list all of your academic achievements. Athletic achievements DO NOT MATTER … What? Seriously? YUP! They DO NOT MATTER. Coaches will need to see you play. Objective data measurements are good to include.

Give The Coach YOUR Call To Action

After giving him the relevant information he needs, close your email with your call to action. Following your plan is critical. Tell him your next step. For example, based on the recruiting timelines, you would tell him you will send him your summer schedule next.

Mind Your Manners

Throughout the entire message, be sure to write in a polite and respectful voice. Thank the coach for his time and wish him well. You want the coaching staff staff to understand you are in charge of the process.

Do Your Homework Before You Send

iRecruit1440 and the RecruitsIQ computer app enables you to email any coaching staff in the country – at any level. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Before you reach out to a college coaching staff, have an understanding of your abilities and what that coach may be looking for. Your email, no matter how well written, needs to be reaching a relevant audience. Our FitFactor algorithm will help you match your talent with programs according to your wants and the performance data of that program. Now, you will know you’re email will hit the strike zone.

Take The Blindfold Off Your Recruiting Process

Being blindfolded at the plate or on the mound won’t help you have success. The same goes for your college recruiting process. How can you best get in contact with the coaching staff at your dream school?

When you get a membership to RecruitsIQ, you’re given all of the tools to find the school that fits you best. What’s also important, our database allows you to reach out to the baseball coach in a single click. So you don’t need to waste money on a so-called “recruiting-service”, we have you covered. The “i” in iRecruit1440 is all about you as an individual taking charge of the recruiting process. So, take off your recruiting blindfold and contact the college coach at your top school.

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