Now, in video #2 here, we are going to highlight 3 major … and I mean major … false facts about playing at the college level.

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I love this topic because it’s really an oxymoron, right … false facts … Kinda like you gotta go slow to go fast, or look small to see big, or low-fat donuts that taste good. most oxymorons don’t make any sense on the surface. But when you know the truth behind them, you can really come out ahead. Except for the donuts …

1) But the first false fact is … the college sports program, lead by the college coach, will determine your happiness and success during your two, three or four years in college and then beyond.

Your teammates will be the most important part of your college experience. It’s not the program, it’s not the coaches … they need to be trust worthy … and that’s always a 2-way street … but they should never determine your success or happiness.

Players always own their development … the great ones know who they are and what they need to do to achieve greatness. That should be your goal also. Own it.

The relationship you develop with your teammates and other classmates will be what shape the rest of your life. The strength of friendship will also aid in the success of the team.

But let me throw this fact out at you … There are 56,000 college baseball players and only 750 players on MLB rosters. You do the math. For those who have the ability to play at the next level, you will be seen and be given the opportunity.

My advice: choose a program that has players and future teammates that are like-minded and care about the same things as you do. These teams actually achieve more.

Oh … and let’s not forget the college coaching business is for real. Coaches can leave a program at anytime!

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