Let me ask you this question … What’s the first thing you would do if you were in the market to buy a new car?

Now, I know there are parameters … But Let’s say you don’t have millions of dollars. And you don’t know exactly what car you want, and what features you want.

And you don’t know the exact fair market value of that car, nor the exact car dealership that will be willing to offer you that car for that price.

Ok … What’s your first plan of action …

In 2018, I would assume you would be like anyone else, and you would immediately got to (www). Right? You would start your search online.

You wouldn’t waste time driving from dealership to dealership to see what each lot has to offer, would ya?

You wouldn’t take the very first offer you are given, would ya?

No … of course not. You would start by doing what you do in 2018 … jumping online and start searching . Getting prepared. Knowing the market.

You might even use a source like truecar.com to validate and make sure you will be offered a true market value for the car you want. You want to be prepared and be in charge of your car search? Yes or Of course Red?

So now, I naturally want to ask you another question …

What’s the first thing you are doing if you are a recruitable athlete and want to be in charge of your … individual college recruiting process?

I gotta tell you, before today, you didn’t have a starting point.

For recruitable college players of the past, they might have blindly searched on the internet. They might have gone to a coach and asked for help or an opinion. Or they might have just hoped and prayed and let the process just play out …

Well now, that all changes. For the first time ever, the recruitable athlete has a starting point. An all-in-one computer software platform that scores the key program attributes of all college athletic teams.

Where has this been you might ask. It what we asked also. And it’s why we built RecruitsIQ.

We are a college comparison company for recruitable athletes.

So now, you … will be able to control the recruiting process. You will be able to validate the offers and opportunities that you will get.  And, you will be able to leverage your talent and find the best fit program to enhance your college playing experience.

Sounds pretty important doesn’t it. Of course it does.

  • Who wants to go to a program and sit the bench? Who wants to go to a program and be given only a small chance to prove themselves?
  • Who wants to go to a program and have their development process stop or plateau?
  • Who wants to go to a program and anticipate that they will be on a winner or play in the post-season and then never get the chance to make it to a certain level of a tournament.

Last I checked … the answer was Nada. Zilch. NOBODY …

We listened and then we built it … RecruitsIQ.

The first-ever college comparison computer software platform. Built to empower the recruitable athlete with truth and transparency by using comparative analytics.

It’s the only way forward.  We live in a new time, a new era, where data and technology can help in so many ways.

Our goal is to enable all recruitable athletes to know the programs before the programs know them.

And so we invite you to get an all-access membership today!

We hope to see you on the inside! Click this link to learn more.

Check out RecruitsIQ Here