Now that the high school spring season has heated up for most of the country, players must focus on their current team and the prospects of having a great season. But somewhere in the back of your mind, and if you are a recruitable player, it’s not a bad idea to start thinking about preparing for the next level. If you’re a current 11th grade baseball player who is interested in playing in college, here’s a list of action items for you to be ready for the upcoming summer recruiting period.

Recruiting Tips For Your Junior Year

  • Be sure to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse – it’s the first step in seriously pursuing playing in college. If you’re looking at NAIA school, you can find the NAIA Eligibility Center Information about junior college eligibility can be found here.
  • During the fall before your spring season, send emails to coaches at schools that interest you – DO NOT have these emails come from your parents. Send the coaches all relevant info about you on and off the field and also include your high school game schedule. Or send them an email from our RecruitIQ platform and your profile will be attached. In fact, iRecruit1440 has a database of coach emails so you have a one-stop shop for reaching out to coaches. 
  • Be sure to register for the SAT and/or the ACT. Many students take the test multiple times, so leave time in case you want to do that.
  • Make sure to attend the “Right” showcase events and make sure you’re as visible to coaches as possible. Coaches need to see you play. They will not offer you a scholarship or roster spot without seeing you play … in person!
  • During the summer before your senior year, be aggressive and send emails to college coaches.
  • Also, if you have not been offered in the summer prior to your senior seasons, make sure to attend “prospect fall camps” at colleges that match your talent level.

Keep in mind that written contact made by NCAA coaches is allowed starting on September 1 of your junior year. Coaches can start to make phone calls to you on July 1st, following your junior year.

Your #1 goal and priority should be to leverage your talent to earn the best scholarship at the right fit program. Is this hard to do? YES … Very hard. But through the RecruitsIQ computer app, we got you covered.

Don’t let the process just happen. Take control!  Get a jump on the competition and find out how to take these items you’re working on to the right college and ensure you’re talking to the right coach. So many times, players enter their senior year and, for some, it’s too late.

Get a membership to RecruitsIQ today and make the most of your junior year and summer ball period.