Dear Athlete or Parent: Welcome to Potential Meets Legacy Sports Leadership Group. We are proud to be the very first organization designed specifically to develop the 3-dimensional athlete (age 16-22). Through a holistic approach …  GRIT. MINDSET. CHARACTER … we are committed to accelerating development by providing a path to gain performance exposure. We do so in multiple ways. First, by teaching a formula that showcases how to increase performance intangibles. And secondly, through technology and analytics. 

Does this sound foreign to you?

Don’t worry, IT SHOULD. Our approach is very unique. Very few sport coaches talk about performance exposure or performance intangibles. They get all caught up in talent and skill. And don’t emphasize performance talent. By the way, do you know the difference in the three?

See, it’s easy to dream. It’s easy to want to play collegiate or professional sports. The hard part is knowing HOW! How to accelerate your development, and stand out in a crowded world of sport competition!

And then, it’s even more difficult to get an honest and transparent view of college programs to compare the “best-fit” and leverage one’s performance talent to earn the best scholarship at the best program for the athlete. 

As I have said before, we learned the hard way HOW athletes, coaches and teams stand alone as A NATIONAL CHAMPION. And now, here is your chance to eliminate the false steps, the wrong moves, and the fear associated with not knowing the path to champion status … Learn from our journey (the hard way) to and from WINNING a D1 National Title.


I believe dreams are worth chasing. I chased mine … coaching a National Championship team. And now I’m chasing another one. I dream about changing the future of sports by bring truth and transparency to the forefront. We are focusing on teaching, leading and serving.

First, by teaching athletes (on a large scale) how to be a champion performer. Secondly, by empowering them to maximize their potential and win championships. And finally, by serving athletes by offering a platform to empower the college recruiting process and opening more doors to earn scholarship opportunities.

I believe that with passion and purpose (and the alignment of talent), you can be the next great player. Your son/daughter can earn a college scholarship. But first, you (the athlete), needs to expose the potential found deep from within. It all starts with you – and your decision to rise as a leader in your sport(s). And that is one of the reasons why we focus on building GRIT in athletes.

See, I am fortunate to have learned what very few can admit … I can tell you how and why athletes win a national championship at the major division I (power5) level … because I OWN the experiences. I can also proudly admit that I have failed miserably at the highest level of collegiate sports. And through these two extremes, I have a very powerful perspective and understanding of your desired future. Essential, we know the right path. 

Over the years coaching at the collegiate level, we stumbled upon our mission through faith. Not many athletes, coaches or parents understand the wide-spread problem facing young athletes. Yes, they see the FBI investigations into college basketball, but it expands beyond that. We know! And we are focused on solving many huge problems facing young athletes. We are the FUTURE solution in player development, and recruiting essentials. We serve as engineers of performance intangibles. We serve as the architects to enhance grit, mindset, and character through sports. And we expose the truth in the college recruiting process. 

In keeping with our mission, you can learn what a three dimensional athlete is, and more importantly, with W.O.R.K you can become one!

To get an inside “peak” into our personal mindset, get yourself a free copy of one of our reports titled: Why Champions Rise As Champs by clicking here. If you’re a serious athlete and are being recruited, you can watch this video titled: The Three Most Important Ways To Gain Exposure To College Recruiters. 

On top of that, you need no warning, you understand that every rock must be unturned. Because you know that when you get to the collegiate level, talent will only take you so far. So we encourage you to join our community of athletes who seek greatness. 

Thank you for your interest in Potential Meets Legacy Sports Leadership Group, iRecruit1440 and RecruitsIQ!

To your knowledge, wisdom, and truth – we salute your success!




Sports Leadership Coach: Highly accomplished, results-driven coach with proven record of developing individual and organizational goals while implementing motivational strategies to assure peak performance.  Strong leadership and talent acquisition skills, awarded the nation’s top recruiter for three years, as a result of personal discipline and ability to manage budget and personnel. Reputation for serving as a positive influence to individuals, in addition to creating an organizational culture centered on teamwork and success.  Consistent history of cultivating relationships with both internal and external leaders and clients, in addition to increasing organizational involvement within a community.  Special expertise gathering, analyzing, and implementing research in order to develop strategies to improve retention rates of recruits. Experience in building programs designed to sustain long-term online business success, including email marketing and affiliate networking. Computer skills include:  Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Keynote, WordPress, and website development.

Executive Leadership Competencies: Influence / Cultural Proficiency  ·  Change Management  ·  Strategic Planning  ·  Talent Acquisition  ·   TEAM Leadership Planning ·  Organizational Effectiveness  ·  Relationship Management

Professional Skills

  • Proud member of the 1% community of coaches who have led a team to a D1 National Championship.
  • Guided a trio of players, in 2009, to All-American status, resulting as the only school in the nation to accomplish this feat, and 1st time in history of the storied LSU baseball program (6 National Titles).
  • Responsible for recruiting and coaching the Big 10 Player and Pitcher-of-the-Year, along with the schools All-Time Hits Leader.
  • Coached and/or recruited players who signed pro contracts totaling over $30 million in signing bonuses.

Leadership Skills

  • Architected LegacyNOW Online Training Academy, a membership platform of leadership development for student-athletes.
  • The top priority is to develop the Three Dimensional Athlete aimed at performance excellence.
  • Hired as the Head Baseball Coach at Michigan State University.
  • Becoming the youngest BCS head coach in the nation, as a result of exceptional leadership and proven recruiting presence in the Midwest.
  • Increased the university’s presence in the community in order to raise over $5 million within a 3-year span.
  • Contributed as leader of a program that secured 2nd largest donation in the 75-year history of University.
  • Successfully improved the philosophy and image of the MSU baseball program, promoting responsibility, respect, and honesty, resulting in players exceeding GPA records and 30 Academic All-Big Ten Awards.
  • Authored a variety of publications, including; The Athletic Development Report, 108 Ways Potential Meets Legacy, 12 Principles of Athletic Development, Why Championships Are Won, which focus on cultivating and applying leadership skills both in athletics and in life.
  • Coached over 45 players at the University of Notre Dame, who won three consecutive Big East Championships and Regional Finals, while also setting the single-season all-time school record for victories.

Communication & Organizational Development Skills

  • Built six separate informational marketing websites in addition to creating The Ultimate Champions PlanTM + The 6th Tool: Elite Mentor SeriesTM. Created the term and concept called the Three Dimensional AthleteTM.
  • Implemented a junior recruit letter and email system for the University of Notre Dame, in addition to designing the recruiting charts, successfully attaining the Big East Freshman of the Year, and achieving top rankings for recruiting classes in the nation.
  • Served as the Recruiting Coordinator for Louisiana State University, becoming the only recruiter in the nation to acquire top 7 rankings for three consecutive recruiting classes.
  • Assisted with the American Baseball Coaches Association’s annual convention in member relations.
  • Accelerated attendance levels for Central Michigan’s Winter Camps and Clinics by 30%, organizing the daily itineraries, camper evaluations, award certifications, and instructor manuals for over 2,000 participants.

Work Experience

  • LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY, Associate Head Coach & Recruiter | Baton Rouge, LA | 2008-2011
  • MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY, Head Coach | East Lansing, MI | 2005-2008
  • UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME, Asst. Coach & Recruiter | South Bend, IN  | 2002-2005
  • AMERICAN BASEBALL COACHES ASSOCIATION, Staff Member | Mt. Pleasant, MI | 2001-2002
  • CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY, Asst. Coach | Mt. Pleasant, MI  |  2000-2002
  • UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, Asst. Coach | Chicago, IL  | 1998-2000


  • Bachelor of Science in Sports Management, Double Minors in Marketing & Public Relations  | 1998 | University of Dayton, Dayton, OH
  • Studies in Master of Arts in Sports Management, Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant MI (33/36)


Coaching Experience: Accolades & Accomplishments

Over 100 Former Players Earned College Degrees & Over 60 Former Players Played Professional Baseball


Louisiana State University, Associate Head Coach, July 2008 – July 2011

2009 National Champions (One of only approximately 40 active coaches in Nation with NCAA Title Experience)

  • Served as Recruiting Coordinator – July 2008 – July 2011

(Only recruiter in entire country to have three consecutive recruiting classes with national top-7 ranking: ’09-‘11)

  • 2010 Recruiting Class – Ranked #1 in Nation by Collegiate Baseball / #2 Baseball America
  • 2009 Recruiting Class – Ranked #3 in Nation by Collegiate Baseball
  • 2011 Recruiting Class – Ranked #7 in Nation by Collegiate Baseball
  • Served as Associate Head Coach: Pitching/Catching Coach
  • 2009 College World Series Champions
  • 2009 Super Regional Champions
  • 2009 Regional Champions
  • 2009 SEC West Division Co-Champions, SEC Tournament Champions
  • 2010 SEC Tournament Champions
  • Only NCAA Division I program to have three pitchers earn All-American status following 2009 Season
  • 2009 Pitching Staff: 1st in Nation in Strikeouts / 6th in Nation in Strikeouts per 9 innings / #9 in Nation in ERA
  • Developed 2009 SEC Pitcher of the Year and current MLB Pitcher Louis Coleman from 15th rounder to 5th round
  • 2010: Developed 1st Round Pick: Anthony Ranaudo (signed for $2.55 M) 11th rounder to 39th overall
  • 2010: Developed 8th Round Pick: Austin Ross (Undrafted following High School to 8th Round Pick
  • Developed LSU’s All-time Saves Leader (Both Single Season and Career): Matty Ott (Undrafted to 13th Rounder)
  • Coached 21 Players in 3 years that went on to play professional baseball, including 3 pitchers in 2011
  • 2011: Recruited and coached 1st Round Draft Pick Kevin Gausman: 4th Overall and 1st pitcher selected in 2012 draft
  • 2011 Pitching Staff: 2 Players ranked in top 4 in SEC Opp. BA: Kevin Gausman, FR (2nd), Kurt McCune, FR (4th)
  • Developed 1st ever freshman weekend rotation in 2011 / Implemented “LEGACY” plan for 2011 pitching staff


Michigan State University, Head Coach, July 2005 – July, 2008

  • Hired, in 2005 at age 29, as the youngest BCS head coaches in nation
  • Took over dormant / 9th place program in Big Ten and recorded a 75-85 record in 3 years
  • Responsible for changing the ‘Philosophy/Image’ of MSU Baseball through hard charging approach to perfection
  • Recruited #1 Class in Big Ten after first year at MSU (by Baseball America
  • Fundraised over $5 million in 3 years to build the current baseball facilities (2nd largest donation in MSU history)

(1.5 Million Indoor Practice Facility)            (4.0 Million Dollar Stadium Gift by Drayton McLane)

  • First year – recorded highest GPA in the program’s history during a spring semester, spring 2006
  • Second year – recorded highest GPA in the program’s history during a fall semester, fall 2006
  • 30 players were Academic All-Big Ten Award Winners, including 12 student-athletes in 2006
  • Developed RPI study for all Big Ten Head Coaches – Implemented 3-Game weekend Series vs. 4-Game
  • Served as teams Pitching/Catching Coach during 3-year period, while also running team’s in-game offense
  • Coached 14 Players who graduated and entered into Professional Baseball (MLB)
  • Recruited and coached: 2011 Big Ten Pitcher of the Year, Kurt Wunderlich (undrafted to 20th rounder)
  • Recruited and coached: 2011 Big Ten Player of the Year, Jeff Holm (undrafted to 12th rounder)
  • Recruited and coached: School’s all-time hits leader, Brandon Eckerle (undrafted to 32nd rounder)


University of Notre Dame, #1 Assistant, July 2003 – July 2005, #2 Assistant, July 2002 – July 2003

  • Served as Recruiting Coordinator – July 2002 – July 2005
  • 2004 Recruiting Class – Ranked #6 in Nation by Baseball America
  • 2005 Recruiting Class included Big East Freshman of the Year
  • 2006 Recruiting Class – Ranked #7 in Nation by Team One Baseball
  • Implemented a Junior Recruit Letter and Email System
  • Designed and Implemented all Recruiting Charts and System
  • Served as Hitting Instructor
  • 2003 Team Recorded Program Best Batting Average in Big East Tournament Play
  • 2004 Team ranked as one of school’s most prolific offensive teams (major player improvements)
  • 2004 Team ranked as one of school’s highest scoring offense – 21st in Nation
  • 2003, 2004, 2005 – Big East Tournament MVP (All three winners were position players)
  • 2004 Triple Crown Winner in Big East Play – Craig Cooper
  • Served as Catching Instructor
  • Converted Starting Shortstop into 14th Round Draft Pick as Catcher
  • Coaching Staff Member of 3 Straight Big East Championship Teams
  • Coaching Staff Member of Team that set the All-time School Record for Victories
  • Coaching Staff Member of 3 Straight Regional Final Teams
  • Coached 13 Players who graduated and entered into Professional Baseball (MLB)


Central Michigan University, Assistant Coach, June 2000 – July 2002

  • Served as Hitting Instructor
  • 2001 Team Broke 3 all-time School Records in Hitting (Runs, RBI, At-bats)
  • 2001 Team placed in all-time School Records in Hitting (2nd in Hits, 2nd in Total Bases, 3rd in Homeruns, 3rd in hits in a game, 7th in runs in a game)
  • Served as Catching Coach / Infield Coach
  • 2001 Team broke all-time School Record for Double Plays turned
  • Coordinator/Director for 2000-2002 Winter Camps and Clinics (Daily Itineraries, Camper Evaluation Forms, Camper Award Certifications, Instructor Manuals) (30% Increase in camper attendance in 2002 – 531 campers in 2001 / 821 campers in 2002)
  • Developed Recruit Letter Series
  • Scheduled and Organized Fall Individual Workouts – All Position Players
  • Implemented Daily & Monthly Hitter’s Goal Forms during Individual Workouts
  • Designed Recruiting Cards and used Recruit Platform Grading System
  • Designed and Utilized Opponent Scout Cards and Pitcher Pattern Charts / Responsible for Team Defensive Alignment
  • Coached 5 Players who graduated and entered into Professional Baseball (MLB)


University of Chicago – Division III, Assistant Coach, Oct 1, 1998 – May 31, 2000

  • Served as Infield Coach
  • Assisted Head Coach as Recruiting Coordinator
  • Served as Hitting Instructor
  • 2000 Team Broke 6 all-time School Records (batting average, slugging percentage, base-on-balls, RBI, total bases, and hits)
  • 2000 Team ranked 19thin the Nation in Team Batting Average